We bring value to our customers projects by setting up powerful teams of dedicated developers.
We streamline your WEB project.

Our cutting-edge tech stack goes far beyond what our clients can expect from the usual IT service center.

Go to market faster.

Take advantage of our experience through hundreds of IT projects (web), mobile, software) and from our ramp-up capacity. Increase your market reactivity by launching your applications faster, and accelerate your web development process by incorporating Agile Methodology.

Reduce your costs and focus on your business development.

We offer very competitive rates and help you control your costs by offering incredible flexibility. Reduce your overall cost of payroll, recruitment and local infrastructure.

Reinforce your tech stack.

Working with us allows you to discover more technologies and to implement them with our Tech Guru. We provide a complete working environment using the latest technologies and a choice of the best collaborative tools.

Direct contact with your team

Our developers are in direct daily contact with our clients’ teams. We ensure the most efficient communication between us and make sure that we all evolve in a transparent work environment. Our goal is to make you feel that we are right beside you, every step of the way.


Technology Stack

Romba creates robust applications using a wide range of programming languages and frameworks.

Our developers are experts at using the Microsoft .NET and Azure ecosystem, Java or Node.JS with AWS, various front end web application frameworks such as React, Angular and Vue, and React Native or Flutter for mobile apps. We are experienced at implementing a variety of software architectures including microservices.

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